No messages to/from Diaspora

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Hey there! I think i need some advice here: I've got a nice uberspace-installation running (thanks to wiki.toktan.org!), under my own domain, with my own startssl-cert and diabook-theme. Everything seems right except the connection to Diaspora. Adding D*-contacts is no problem, at least the right thumbnails are showing up, but i don't get any messages from these contacts, neither are they from me (is this even correct english..?). I've read something via Google about the php-module mcrypt has to be present, but i think that's default at my uberspace, running php5.3!?
So any advice would be much apreciated!
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Ok, thanks a lot @Oliver and @zottel@friendika.zottel.net for the feedback. I guess, my remaining questions are: What's the difference between our setups? Has this something to do with uberspace? SNI maybe? StartSSL?!
Have a nice weekend! :)
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just for the record: i switched off 'force ssl for all links' and it works like a charm..
But is this uhm.. the right way? I'm feeling kind of standing on the hose (as you would say it in german ;) )
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Well, my 'conclusion' was SNI, too. There was nothing suspicious (to me) in the log and I (my account) seemed to be just invisible from the none-friendica-end.
But doesn't that make the debugging part kind of difficult?
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